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A Community for Online Business Ideas

This isn’t going to be one of those salesy sales letters that gets you all hyped up to buy something you don’t really want.


You’re either in or not. I’m not going to go all out and persuade you (besides my copywriting skills aren’t that good).

Let me lay it out…

You’re getting access to Idea Launchpad, a community to talk about ideas for online businesses.


You're struggling to figure out what audience you want to help.

You're struggling to figure out the problems you want to solve.

You're struggling to figure out what products you can create to solve those problems.

And as a solopreneur you’re trying to figure it out on your own.

But... it’s better to work together.

Have somewhere to bounce ideas around.

Somewhere to get feedback.

Then get help building and launching.

And of course, accountability for taking action. Because we all know that ideas don’t matter until we do something with them.

So I've created a community, for people like us to work together.

What kind of business ideas?

We’re focused on online business models:

  • Turning expertise into content like courses and ebooks
  • Selling templates and creative assets
  • Building content sites and directories
  • Software tools (code or no-code platforms)
  • Newsletters
  • Data

… and just about any other way we can (legally and ethically) make money online, on our own terms.

Apart from an amazing group of fellow solopreneurs to turn to for help whenever you need to, what else do you get when you join?

  • Monthly zoom calls - written messages are great but there’s nothing like getting on a live call and talking face to face.
  • Guest calls - we’ll bring topic experts in, we’ll bring in solopreneurs who’ve got over the idea stage and are successfully building their thing.
  • Growing library of resources - everything you need to find your audience and figure out what products to build.

And access to Idea Finder which gives you more than 20 different places and techniques to go digging for the perfect idea. Conveniently split into 10 categories.

As well as written guidance for the different techniques, I recorded myself over the shoulder demonstrating some in action. There are 9 short video walkthroughs to make idea finding even easier.

In Idea Finder you will get:

  • 8 platforms to “listen in” on people already talking about the problems they want to solve.
  • A tool to find groups of people in almost any niche, where you can go and uncover their problems.
  • The simple technique for getting social media influencers to hand ideas to you on a plate.
  • An alternative to passively consuming social feeds hoping for ideas to pop up. We get proactive in finding problems and make social work for us.
  • A platform with 100 million monthly users that you probably didn’t even think of as a source of digital product ideas.
  • An ethical way to use other creator’s courses to find your own product ideas.
  • A foolproof method for generating ideas for products even if you know very little about the niche. I walk you through it in 5 minutes and 35 seconds.
  • 5 free publications that you must subscribe to for a regular shot of idea inspiration.
  • 3 tactics for using search engines to tell you what problems people need solving.
  • How to leverage the largest ecommerce store on the planet to provide you with near limitless ideas.
  • A simple way to get freelancers to give you more product ideas than you can handle. Without it costing you anything.
  • And more...

When you get Idea Finder you'll never be short of ways to find the sparks that can become digital products.

Get Access to Idea Launchpad right now

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

You’re one of three people:

  1. You’re an aspiring solopreneur / entrepreneur but you just can’t figure out what you’re going to create and sell. And you need the ideas and the help from others.
  2. You’ve already got a business but you want to add more products. But you’re not sure what or how to find out.
  3. You love talking about business ideas and building stuff.

Who is this not for?

You've already got plenty of ideas you can turn into products and don’t want to talk to others about them.

Is this a one time payment or ongoing subscription?

It's a one time payment - no ongoing subscription commitments.

What platform is the Idea Launchpad community hosted on?

It’s on Skool. As soon as you’ve purchased you’ll get an invite direct from Skool as well as a confirmation email from me, Paul Metcalfe. If there are any issues getting inside, you can drop me an email.

What do I do next if I want to join Idea Launchpad?

On desktop, look at the top right 👆 and hit the "I want this!" button.

On mobile the "I want this!" button is right below 👇

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You'll get access to the Idea Launchpad community and 20+ techniques and places to find ideas. Split across 11 categories.

Idea Launchpad Community
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Idea Launchpad Community - Turning ideas into digital products

7 ratings
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